Art Galleries in Montego Bay

Jamaica has with other countries around the world has very talented artists in various discipline.  You can enjoy paintings, sculptures, and pottery.  Why not visit one the galleries while in Montego Bay, may you might even want to take a piece with back home.

Gallery of West Indian Art has collected and sold Haitian paintings, Jamaican paintings and Cuban paintings for almost 50 years.  Our collection is large and style, in theme, and also in price.  We carry works by early Jamaican and Haitian Intuitive painters, like Albert Artwell and Prosper Pierre Louis.  We sell paintings by acknowledged Haitian and Jamaican Masters, such as Seymour Etienne Bottex and Carl Abrahams.          Tel 1-876-952 4547

From a barren, Rocky Hillside to the cultural epicenter that it is today, the ahhh… Ras Natango Gallery and Garden has always had a special, unique atmosphere. In 1988, Ian Williams (Ras Natango) purchased the land that would later hold ahhh... solely for the view. After years of pursuing his art, the land was terraced and a gallery built upon it. In 2009, the gallery and garden were well on their way to becoming a formal attraction.  Ras is self taught. He reads extensively and prefers to work in acrylics. His paintings in the hotels are mainly of tropical flora. His art is now in every hotel Rius on the island, and in private collections in over 17 countries of the world.

Email         Tel 1-876-578-2582

The National Gallery of Jamaica, operate branches at the Centre, with permanent and temporary exhibitions and supporting programmes. National Gallery West, which is located in the domed building at the back of the Centre, offers four exhibitions per year, of which at least one focuses on the art of Western Jamaica.  Visitors can look forward to a lively and varied exhibition programme that covers all major aspects of Jamaican art, from the historic to the contemporary and from the traditional to the avant-garde. Guided tours are available and educational programmes, including children’s art classes, are being developed.

Email           Tel 876-971-3920

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