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Doctor's Cave Beach

Doctor's Cave Bathing Club, Montego Bay

Founded in 1906, Doctor's Cave Beach Club is nestled between the Marine Park and the Hip Strip. The translucent water is known for its mineral content and our world-famous white-sand beach is clean and inviting.


Croydon Plantation

Croydon Plantation, Montego Bay
Croydon Plantation, Montego Bay

This working plantation nestled in the foothills of the Catadupa Mountains provides a breathtaking and panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. The plantation invites visitors to journey into the majestic mountainous country where lush vegetation, wild flowers surrounds trickling waterfalls. You can capture the flavor of Jamaica while strolling through this tropical paradise. Sample exotic and delicious fruits and drinks made from them. This highly interesting and enjoyable tour includes a delicious barbequed lunch, served with world famous Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Half Moon Equestrian Centre

Half Moon Equestrian Center - Horse back Riding, Montego Bay

Enjoy a variety of exhilarating equestrian activities including riding lessons and adventurous trail rides through Jamaican countryside, and swimming with your horse as part of the beach ride. Experienced trailmasters and great horses await you. Carriage rides; polo lessons and jumping lessons are available on request. Visit

Rose Hall Great House

Rose Hall Great House - Montego Bay

The Great House was the home of Annie Palmer, known as the white witch of Rose Hall. She has been dead more than a century; Annie Palmer still stirs memories of her reign as the mistress of the Rose Hall Great House. Cursed by slaves, she turned a magnificent plantation into a house of carnage. Countless slaves fell prey to her torture while all three of her husbands met death at her hands.
The Great House is on the 6,600-acre plantation.


 Telephone: 1 (876) 953-2323


Bellefield Great House and Garden

Bellefield Great House & Garden, Montego Bay
Bellefield Great House & Garden, Montego Bay

Its Estate have the distinction of being one of the oldest sugar plantations in Jamaica. Owned by the Kerr- Jarret family of the Barnett Estates, the Great House and its Sugar Mill were built in 1794.
The Kerr-Jarrett family have played an integral role in the development of Montego Bay and our access to the Estate provides us with a unique window into a very vibrant and lucrative period in Jamaica’s history. The newly revamped Bellefield “Taste of Jamaica” tour focuses on the history of Jamaican cuisine with an emphasis on guest participation
and interaction.

 Telephone: 1 (876) 952-2382


Original Canopy Tour in Montego Bay

CanopyTour in Montego Bay

The Original Canopy Tour in Montego Bay tour begins with a short walk to a crossing of the Great River that separates the Parishes of St. James and Hanover. The foundation on which this new crossing is built is a ruin that dates back from colonial times and is approx. 200 years old. You will experience the wild-vegetation of Jamaica from heights and speeds you never thought possible. The tour consists of 5 horizontal traverses with the longest over 300 meters in length (1000 feet). Conveniently located between Montego Bay and Negril, The ORIGINAL CANOPY TOUR Montego Bay is a perfect addition to your Jamaican vacation.

Telephone: +1876 953-5619


Sunwave Mini Boat Adventures

Mini Boat Adventures, Montego Bay

Your self drive boat adventure tour starts at Sunwave Mini Boat Tours is in the pristine waters of Aqua Sol Beach Park.  We will start you off with a short safety briefing where you will be shown how to safely maneuver your mini boat. Your guide will then drive his own mini boat ahead of yours out into the beautiful open bay where he will stop and present a brief history of the city of Montego Bay and the Marine Park.  You will then zip down along the coast enjoying the sights of the Montego Bay waterfront including world famous Margaritaville and Doctor’s Cave along the way. This tour is non stop fun, fun, fun for all. After your tour please feel free to relax for a while in the cool clear waters of Aqua Sol Beach where we are located.

Telephone: +1876-772-9497

AHHH... Ras Natango Gallery and Garden

Ras Natango Gallery and Garden, Montego Bay
Ras Natango Gallery and Garden, Montego Bay

From a barren, rocky hillside to the cultural epicenter that it is today, the AHHH… RAS NATANGO GALLERY AND GARDEN has always had a special, unique atmosphere. In 1988, Ian Williams (Ras Natango) purchased the land that would later hold AHHH... solely for the view. After years of pursuing his art, the land was terraced and a gallery built upon it. In 2009, the gallery and garden were well on their way to becoming a formal attraction. It was at this time that AHHH... RAS NATANGO GALLERY AND GARDEN was registered through the Jamaican tourist board.

The garden also has its very own KING TUT’S FALLS, leading to the KOI POND. You may even hold our turtles.  Jamaica has 28 endemic birds, 18 of which are found at AHHH... in addition, we have migratory birds who arrive late September and depart in march. The garden has river stones painted with the birds seen on property with their scientific and local names for easy identification.

All paintings in the gallery are for sale. The medium is acrylic on canvas. Paintings reflect the vibrant colors of the island. One section is of Jamaica’s flora and fauna, birders will enjoy paintings of our endemic birds and plant life that have been presented in the gallery. The other section has paintings of our people, culture, and pastimes.

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